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Jamie, the founder of Temporary Truth Creative Studios, has journeyed ever since leaving his home in Scotland at just 21 years old to search for something larger than himself, something that had always felt out of reach. Having always been observant, curious and creative-- a combination that led him to rediscover himself through travels and experiences with various cultures and people.


His work is his display of gratitude to life and the multitude of experiences it presents. Jamie values the entire spectrum. From the deepest dark point to the absolute bright, which is all to be reflected through his work and passion. The theme of his art can be described to be that of raw authenticity fueled by emotions and illustrated by rich, vibrant colors.


Compositionally we see an appreciation between both the minimal and overloaded. Cultures are explored and Jamie’s experiences are shared through both people and place. Embracing encounters with people through portraiture photography and documentary film. Exploration of places through his perceptions of geometric architecture constructed with stories of the past, present, and future.


Jamie’s work is a combination of his visions and his life, allowing him to create value and cultivate lasting relationships on a daily basis.

Though Temporary Truth Creative Studios and Jamie are currently based in Asia, international bookings are welcomed. Contact us and together let us explore boundaries between cultures and concepts within the arts.