Temporary Truth Creative is a studio specialising in Photography and Film production services. We are based in Taipei, Taiwan servicing international and local clients.


Attitude is everything.

I come to work through choice not necessity. We will act in a way that is appropriate to the environment. I will choose my attitude. I will be authentic and professional.


We always seek first to understand.

We prioritise clear and enthusiastic communication that is driven by a desire to help. We are customer centric, and ensure they feel valued throughout our working together. Be present, be playful



Speak your truth.

We always seek to create genuine relationships with each other, our clients, and to facilitate that same relationship between clients and their customers.


Art without the ego.

We are growth focused. We seek to create value, to improve ourselves, and support others. We take initiative and are accountable to one another in our journey to create excellence. We always over-deliver. Period.

How We Do It


Uncover the needs of our clients and identify the business goals and motivation feeling a project.


We design a solution that is a perfect create fit, customised to achieve your business goals.


We execute, edit, and deliver high quality assets that can take your business to the next level.